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Tendrils of darkness holding a land of shadow and fear. All colour leeched from every square inch of it. A land tormented by darkness and ruled by terror. The people, slaves chained by the shadows of fear that rule them. Unable to flourish and grow and prosper and rejoice. Darkness abides in deep and undisturbed slumber, threading through the minds and hearts of the inhabitants, in a web of control and intimidation.

They stumble through life, tripping over those shadowy tendrils wrapped around their feet grabbing at their joy, their peace, their confidence, their love, and pulling them away with dark lies and threats. With misconceptions and misidentities and confusion and fear.


A people walking in, surrounded by, and drowning in darkness.


Dark roads, leading to dark places, bordered by dark trees and shadows. But raging through that shadow land with insatiable and ferocious passion is a wildfire. A wildfire ignited by The Holy Three when they descended in a reign of fire and love so bright, so powerful it shook the graves and tore the vail and split the sky and earth asunder. An uncontrollable, unstoppable wildfire ignited with a spark the size of a single human cell.  A wildfire tearing through the Shadow lands, leaping from person to person, burning away the shadowy chains and fears that have bound them. A joyful blaze burning, burning, burning. Always burning brighter and fiercer. A laughing shock of and light in a drab and dry land.


The people walking in darkness have seen it, they have seen the blaze of light, the wave of colour washing the land. They have seen the smiling face of the Father in the flames, they have heard the wild laughter of his Spirit dancing among them, they have felt the embrace of that one cell sized spark that grew into a Son of flesh and blood and bone and love and pain and tears.


The people walking in darkness have seen and heard and felt a Great Light. The light of the most passionate and desperate and wild love. The people walking in darkness, no longer dwell in shadows, they have been caught up in the blazing wildfire of love.

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