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Medical Freedom Petition

In Oklahoma, we have witnessed the devastating impact of flawed and dangerous protocols within our hospitals related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We've seen loved ones suffer, and lives lost prematurely and unnecessarily. This has created a sense of helplessness and distrust within our communities regarding medical professionals. This is a deeply personal issue for many. We are striving to bring awareness and accountability to these unnecessary deaths and advocate for citizens' medical freedom to make their own health decisions ensuring this never happens again.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, preventable medical errors result in more than 250,000 deaths each year in the United States (Johns Hopkins Medicine). This is unacceptable. Furthermore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients were often left feeling powerless as their constitutional and medical rights to make decisions about their own health and that of loved ones were completely ignored and in many cases blatantly violated. All due to the false propaganda of the fake news media, the CDC, and influence exerted by pharmaceutical companies over doctors' through financial incentives; doctors, medical professionals, and hospitals violated their Hippocratic Oaths to DO NO HARM! A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that pharmaceutical companies spent $20 billion on marketing towards healthcare professionals alone in 2016 (American Medical Association). The medical industry's lack of transparency and accountability has led to an alarming number of preventable deaths. This can and must change. If medical professionals are financially incentivized to use use one protocol over another and are compensated on the contingency of death, is this not mass murder for hire ?

We as the legal and law abiding citizens of Oklahoma are calling on the District Attorneys of all 77 counties, the State of Oklahoma Attorney General and Governor and State auditor and any other elected officials in whom this may concern to unbiasedly investigate and hold accountable Oklahoma licensed doctors, medical professionals, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries be held for their inexcusable actions. We as legal and law abiding citizens of Oklahoma call upon our legislators to enact laws immediately that ensure the safety and rights of Oklahoma citizens especially in a state of emergency. Furthermore, that any and all magistrates who violate these rights be investigated, and upon being found guilty, removed from office and bared from holding future offices, fined no less than $10,000 for each offense and jailed no less than 10 years in order to protect legal and law abiding citizens from medical tyranny and so allow patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare without undue influence from profit-driven entities. It's time we put people before profits. It's time we stood up for what is right. 

Sign this petition if you believe in accountability, transparency, and patient rights within Oklahoma’s medical system.

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Looking for a representative in every county!

We are putting together a lawsuit for the Attorney General to investigate the hospitals for participating in unnecessary deaths due to COVID protocols being pushed. We are looking for a person in each County in Oklahoma that has lost someone due to the COVID Protocols, this person must be able to prove in their medical records a wrongful death.

If you believe this may be you, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will contact you to see if you are a good candidate to represent your county in this issues!

Thanks for submitting!

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