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Ekklesia Fundraising Letter from Daniel Navejas & Kyle Brown

Join us in the movement and our efforts to save America from a communist takeover! 


Brothers & Sisters,

We as legal and law-abiding American Citizens are experiencing the effects of a China lead communist takeover. PLandemics; medical tyranny, lockdowns, curfews, churches and businesses deemed “non-essential”, mask and vaccine mandates, the sexually immoral exploitation and indoctrination of our children, the intentional destruction of our military and economy, the selling of our land to Chinese foreign nationals and Joe Biden’s weaponization of the DOJ, FBI and IRS are all direct result of the fraudulent 2020 elections. Elections have consequences and we are living those out right now and now preparing for a second wave of political tyranny to further destroy our Constitutional Republic. We invite you today to prayerfully consider financially partnering with Ekklesia Oklahoma to save America from this communist takeover starting right here in our own backyards. Click here to donate or keep reading to learn more! 


We Daniel Navejas & Kyle Brown are writing to you today on behalf of Ekklesia, the fastest growing, overtly Christian grassroots coalition of Christ followers dedicated to upholding and promoting the Biblical and Constitutional principles and values that made these United States of America the greatest Union of States in the World.


In these uncertain times, it is crucial that we stand together to defend the Biblical and Constitutional ideals that form the bedrock of our Sovereign States! At Ekklesia HQ, we firmly believe the Ekklesia, beloved Sons & Daughters of God, are not only exclusively called but anointed to ignore, defy, and stop the tyrants of our day. Remember the Hebrew midwives ( Exodus 1:15-21 ) Daniel and his three cousins Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah often known by their demonic names Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego ( Daniel 3 & 6 ), and the Apostles ( Acts 5:17-42 ), we must realize it is our duty to obey God and defy the tyrants! Beloved, opposed to the popular but very misinterpretation of Romans 13, we are not called to blindly obey and submit to governmental leaders. “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.“ In other words, if a ruler like Joe Biden rewards evil doers and punishes those who do good, he or she is NOT an authority appointed by God and should be resisted! Click here to donate or keep reading to learn more! 


In 2016, President Donald Trump stated, that the Church in America was and is the most powerful entity, and if we could only overcome fear and division we could elect any candidate and pass any legislation. We are committed to unite, train, resource, and equip the Body of Christ with the practical tools and solutions to overcome these current world crises in order to advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of influence. We have not come to participate, we have come to take over, and do not apologize for it! Click here to donate or keep reading to learn more! 


Advancing our efforts requires the support of like-minded followers of Christ like yourself. We rely solely on the grace of God and the generosity of dedicated Christian patriots who are committed to making a difference. Your contribution, no matter the size, will directly contribute to our efforts to promote candidates who will uncompromisingly defend and advance the Biblical principles and values that have made These United States of America the greatest nation in the World. Click here to donate or keep reading to learn more! 


What do I mean by the greatest? There is no question, that those who first came to the shores of North America did so will the primary purpose of practicing the freedom of religion and taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations. Consider the words of Pastor Robert Hunt who led an expedition that landed them in Virginia Beach in 1607 where they planted a wooden cross in the ground and prayed… 


“ We do hereby dedicate this Land, and ourselves, to reach the People within these shores with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to raise up Godly generations after us, and with these generations take the Kingdom of God to all the earth. May this Covenant of Dedication remain to all generations, as long as this earth remains, and may this Land, along with England, be Evangelist to the World. May all who see this Cross, remember what we have done here, and may those who come here to inhabit join us in this Covenant and in this most noble work that the Holy Scriptures may be fulfilled.” 


It was this prayer and covenant with almighty God that has made America great and has sent more missionaries to the nations than any other, abolished chattel slavery, established civil rights, promoted women’s rights, education, health, etc., and will one day soon abolish human abortion & trafficking, and once again return to God and be a bright and shining city on a hill pointing the Nations to Jesus! 


With your support, we can actively work towards electing leaders who will champion our Biblical values, defend our constitutional rights, and prioritize the interests of hardworking legal and law-abiding American citizens. By joining forces, we can save America from a communist takeover that is hell-bent on removing Jesus Christ from every sphere of society; family, education, business, government & politics, media, arts & entertainment, and religion.


Your donation will enable us to fund critical training, resourcing, equipping, and activism locally and abroad. This will allow us to maintain a strong presence in local and national arenas, ensuring that the voice of Christ’s Ekklesia ( YOUR VOICE ) is heard loud and clear.


To contribute to our cause, please click the link >>

or you can send a check via the mail at 

Ekklesia Oklahoma 

P.O.Box 68 

Guthrie, Ok. 73044 


Every dollar counts and will be used diligently to advance the efforts of Ekklesia.


Did you know although Roe V. Wade has been overturned not one state has actually abolished the legal murder of babies created in the image of God? Did you know that contrary to BIG HEADLINES and the fake news media, minors have access to hormone-blocking treatments and gender reassignment aka genital mutilation as long as the states do not pay for it? Did you know that pornography and LGBT+ propaganda is available to elementary through high school students? Beloved, if you were unaware, you’re not alone. Many have been falsely encouraged and told the battle of many of these fronts has been won and therefore the need to rally, build coalitions, petition, and fight for our children is over but it is far from the case. This is another major reason why we here at Ekklesia need your support! Click here to donate or keep reading to learn more! 


In addition to financial support, we also invite you to get actively involved with Ekklesia. By volunteering your time, skills, or expertise, you can play a vital role in shaping the future locally and abroad. Together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of Americans and secure a brighter future for all. To join our Action team, please click here. >> ( landing page ) 


What we are doing practically? 

  • Ekklesia OKC: It has always been our message to remind the Ekklesia locally and globally of their Christ-given identity to be salt, light, seed, leaven, and cities on a hill. Therefore, we have planted a non-woke, spirit-filled, Patriot Church in Oklahoma City to set the standard. We are committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and addressing current and “controversial” issues and crises from a Biblical point of view and providing practical and Kingdom solutions. We will never lockdown, adhere to curfews, require masks, and vaccines or submit to any other level of governmental tyranny! 

  • The podcast “Ekklesia Nation” is committed to sharing the truth, cutting edge, breaking news, mobilizing, educating, and activating the Ekklesia locally and globally. 

  • Statewide, National, and Global Ekklesia Gatherings: In 2024 we will be hosting our first Ekklesia Global Summit where we train, resource and equip the Ekklesia Globally in what we are doing here in America to make a difference. 

  • Ekk Comm Network: Ekklesia is committed to creating a communications network that can be used in a natural disaster and state of emergency. 

  • Advocacy and Consulting: On a commercial basis Ekklesia leadership team is willing to come alongside Churches, businesses, and organizations to help them succeed in their specific goal and causes. 

  • Ekklesia Nation: Our National and global platform to share the tools and resources we use here in Oklahoma and abroad to bring about kingdom transformation in the spheres of family, education, business, government & politics, arts & entertainment, media, and religion. 

  • Ekklesia Action Fund: AmericaSpeaksPAC is a political action committee that exists to educate, and mobilize grassroots initiatives to ensure the voice of Ekklesia is heard l! 


Our financial Goal: 

A. 100 new $100 a month monthly donors or a 

$10,000 reoccurring monthly revenue for our budget. 


 Praise Report : Before this email was even sent out we just receives a new $1,000.00 monthly donor. 


So we are now looking for... 90 $100 minimum monthly donors or $9,000 reoccurring monthly revenue for our budget. 


Ways to give : 

  • Online Giving Click here to donate 

  • Mail: Ekklesia 2222 W. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73120  

  • If you would like to donate via Cryptocurrency, please contact us directly. 


Thank you for considering this important request, and for your commitment to the Biblical and Constitutional principles and values that make our country unique and exceptional. Your support is invaluable and deeply appreciated.


May God bless you, and may God bless these United States of America.




Daniel Navejas & Kyle Brown 

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