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Such a small thing is human existence. Such an ordinary everyday thing. But He was here. He felt the water in his toes and walked till His feet hurt. He was utterly and thoroughly human. And I feel the pleasure and excitement of the three of Them to reach down and get Their hands dirty in the midst of us. 


Utterly and thoroughly human…and so pleased to do it. So happy and eager to join us, to be one with us so that we could be one with Him again. He was not ashamed of it. He was not ashamed to robe Himself in the glory and splendor of the tides of our feelings, the push and pull of our experience. He dove, head first laughing, into the storm of our existence. The three of Them put Their heads together and with much giggling and tears concocted a marvelous plan to show broken, shattered, distant humanity the way back, to remind us of who we are and who They are. And just like jumping on merry-go-round, when the fullness of time had come, the Son leapt into humanity and the result of that collision was an explosion of grace and love and experience and completion of such magnitude that it shook the very foundations of creation. Every demon trembled. 


For the second time in history the world tilted on its axis. But this time it was re-righted. Humanity was pulled, with violent affection back into alignment. The Son dove through time and space and matter headfirst into humanity, and He brought the whole force of Deity with him.  


Perhaps Deity is not as far removed from humanity as we have been taught to believe. Perhaps humanity in the garden was standing face to face with Deity, and Deity would tolerate no other arrangement. And so They dove, and with that Great Dive, Deity experienced humanity, so that Humanity could experience Deity once again. 


In order to embrace and rejoice in the Incarnation, this great dive into humanity, we must embrace and rejoice in humanity itself. If They did not despise and reject my humanity, then neither should I. The incarnation only happened because the Father, Son and Spirit were so desperately in love with humanity.


Inside the beautiful wonder of this Great Dive an invitation to dive in to the swirl with Father, Son, Sprit and humanity. To love and embrace as They have. To dive laughing into living life with them and with the beautiful humanity they created.

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