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In for what seems to be more than decade of incessant push for global conflict from the establishment media and politicos, a light of sunshine and sanity seems to be breaking through the non-nuanced narrative of American political dialogue. On Thursday, February 8th, well known news anchor and journalist Tucker Carlson pressed past the wishes of the Biden Regime and the Intelligence Community, and released his interview with the International boogie man, Vladimir Putin. If you haven’t yet had a chance to sit through the more than 2 hour dialogue, you can access it here at 

If you don’t have the time to watch it , here are a few take-aways from the Interview that I believe are pertinent for every politically active member of our society to understand:

1.Putin is considerably more intelligent than America’s fraudulently elected President Biden. On the same day that a special counsel deemed Biden to be too old and forgetful to stand trial, the President of Russia handled a two-hour long, deep interview with ease. 

2. At face value, Putin is not desiring further international conflict. While many neocons and liberals have pushed for a conflict with Russia, at the same time ignoring the precariousness of what a global conflict with the holder of the most nuclear weapons in the world would cost, Putin stated his desire and willingness to sit down for peace talks multiple times. He even made a direct accusation that Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of the U.K., was responsible for sabotaging any peace talks with Ukraine on behalf of the Biden regime.

3.Putin is self-aware that Russia isn’t the superpower it used to be. When asked which country is a greater threat to the U.S., he openly stated that China having 1.5+ Billion people versus Russia’s 150 million is obviously a greater threat to the U.S. interest. 

4.Putin is more attuned to the insanity of America’s monetary policy than all of the left combined. While speaking on sanctions, he stated plainly that the weaponization of the dollar in sanctions against other countries while continuing to print money carelessly has caused the world to start to abandon their dollar reserves, as they seek a safer instrument.

5.Putin, being an insulated authoritarian, isn’t used to doing interviews. While the first 45 minutes of the conversation primarily consisted of his monologue concerning the history of Russia’s claim to Ukraine, he seemed insulted when Tucker tried to press more specific questions that interrupted his monologue. 

6.Putin is part of a dying breed of old nationalistic authoritarians who, no matter the cost, desire to keep the culture and glory of an old Russia intact. While the world gets smaller and smaller due to the speed at which technology is increasing, along with our potential to connect with anyone anywhere, the idea of the preservation of national culture seems more and more unpopular. Putin is a rare exception to this trend among leaders on the international stage.

While Putin still remains a suppressor of free speech, an oppressor of religious freedoms, and leader of one of the world’s largest communists nations, after one listens  to this bold and eye-opening interview, it is apparent that both the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have tried to make Russia into the boogie man behind every bit of global trouble,  when, in reality, that just isn’t the case. The U.S. has far more realistic trouble from its Southern Border than Putin poses to us at the moment.


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