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Expectation in love is nothing but chains and shackles. To love and then hold that act in your heart as a bill of sale awaiting payment only serves to stunt its growth, to retard its development and stalemate its blooming. Love cannot be boxed into a transactional exchange, or trapped under a stagnant ceiling of performance and reward. Boundaries and limitations hold no place in the court room of love. It is no court of law with scales and gavels, or books of records and laws. Love refuses to stand at the witness stand and testify for or against, with evidences and arguments. Any love that is willing to stand there and speak of judgements and fairness is nothing but an imposter.


The court room of love is no court of law. It cares not for fairness or payments or debt. It mocks jury’s and hearings and the robes of high minded officials. The cold calculated, reasoning and hard unfeeling facts of dues and debts are not a language love can even speak. No, Loves court room is not a court of law.


Loves court room is the court room of a King with finery and revelry and dancing. Full life and noise and rowdy laughter. A court room of lavish and almost absurd splendor where the foolishness of the Jester claims the center stage, not the dark menacing presence of a black robed judge. Loves court room is made for extravagance and abundance, not for the careful balancing of books and ledgers. It is a court room of celebration and feasting, not judgements and penalties. The court room of love is not one for careful thought or deals and bargains, for love never looks for payment, its satisfaction comes only in giving and giving again. There is no exchange, no payments, no debts. Love does not look for payments.


To love and expect payment or return, is to cheapen love to nothing more then prostitution of our time, affection, service, and admiration. To love and expect payment, changes the very nature of love itself. Love by nature must be freely given or it is not love at all, but a commodity of the basest sort, whose value is only to barter and bribe and blackmail. There are no exchanges, no payments, no debts, for love never looks for payments.


If this then is the very nature of love, if it truly holds no records of wrongs, if it forgives with ease and grace, if it overlooks offenses, then why do we believe the Father to be some judge, holding hearings with his book of accounts and records of wrongs when he explicitly tells us that love holds no records of wrongs?


And if love holds no record of wrongs then neither should it hold a record of services or good deeds done, awaiting payment. Love is not a commodity of payment, nor is it an instrument of punishment. The Father is not interested in either your failings or your successes, and that is the Love that He commands us to love both ourselves and others with. So let's be done with all measurements and scales. Let's burn our books of records for ourselves and others on the blazing alter of Love For it is by our love that the world will know Him, not by our book of records and scales of righteousness.

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