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We are committed to making abortion free states worldwide by training, resourcing, & equipping the Ekklesia (CHURCH) with the tools needed to end the innocent bloodshed. 


The Ekklesia's main strategy to making our states abortion free is through INTERCESSION, EDUCATION, AND ACTIVISM. We have three main areas of focus we execute these strategies. To get involved in any of these areas click "get involved"!

Mother and Baby




Image by Rod Long


Image by Joshua Sukoff




For 46 years the silent holocaust of abortion, the state sanctioned murder of innocent and defenseless pre-born babies, has claimed the lives of more than 61 million (61,000,000) babies throughout the United States of America. More than two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) of those babies would have been Oklahoma Citizens. Every business day in Oklahoma 15-25 pre-born babies are chopped up, crushed, scalded with acid and poisoned in their mother's womb. We as The Ekklesia are declaring boldly Abortion Free States Worldwide!

Though sad, the irrefutable evidence has shown that the pro-life movement has been co-opted or highjacked by leaders who claim they seek abortion's immediate end, yet they do not seek nor support legislations that would actually end abortion. Rather, they fight against such bills, cower under the unrighteous and unconstitutional Supreme Court Ruling of Roe V. Wade, and are completely content to pass regulatory and incremental legislation that simply determines when, where and how one can legally murder pre-born babies under the protection of law. We unashamedly call these laws iniquitous decrees. 


Currently there are more than 468 pro-life active laws across The United States of America. Historically, these laws have not reduced the number of abortions and have altered less than .01% of abortions. Yet these incremental and regulatory bills are celebrated year after year as victories by the CHURCH and concerned citizens. This is a result of mistakenly accepting the Supreme Court's opinion as law and promoting failed legislation that continually side steps Roe through the incremental and regulatory approach. Rather, we should simply ignore the courts by adhering to The Word of God, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of The United States of America and our State Constitutions. Then, in the power and authority of these powerful governing documents, remove all amendments that were added as amendments to our State ordinances, as a result of the 1973 ruling.


For example: In Oklahoma, the law clearly states as many states do, "abortion is murder; *except for a legal abortion." (amendment added after Roe V. Wade). Then 468 pro-life laws nationwide determine when, where and how a baby may be murdered under the protection of law. Unfortunately there is no way around this. Until we are willing to ignore The Supreme Court of The United States, recognize abortion as murder, treat it as such and establish equal justice, the results will remain the same 100% of the time.  While saving the lives of a few (currently less than .01% of aborted babies), these incremental and regulatory attempts will provide the guidelines necessary to perpetuate the sanctioned murder of pre-born image bearers regardless of all the well meaning intentions.


We are overjoyed to announce that Oklahoma is leading the way as a servant state to provide, "The Abolition of Abortion in Oklahoma Act SB13, a bill that accomplishes these goals. Currently 9 other states are carrying the same exact bill in hopes of making their state abortion free and healing the land of innocent blood shed. This has come about as a result of prayer, fasting, worship, and the day and night activity of followers of Christ, legal counsel and concerned citizens locally and nationwide. 


In conclusion, many of you in the faith know and understand, the issue of abortion, innocent bloodshed, is a spiritual issue, demonic in nature. We believe there is only one entity in the entire universe called and equipped to deal with this evil. This is none other than the Bride of Christ, The Ekklesia aka His Church. With this understanding we as The Ekklesia are aggressively committed to the total and immediate abolition of abortion and partnering with other concerned citizens to accomplish these goals.

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