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In the course of human and biblical history when atrocity in unrighteousness prevails unchecked for too long in a land, God raises up a standard to intervene out of compassion and love.

He starts by informing those whom he calls by his name of the error taking place and all that they have done either in apathy or contribution to sins against the land. This usually comes from a select few on the fringes or the outside of the main sect of His body, the obscure ones, the prophetic ones. The Old Testament shows time and time again the pattern of a few prophets who are willing to ignore the cultural pressures and opinions and hear the true and righteous word of God regardless of how it will be received. The usual progression of events follows with ridicule and persecution for the one who has dared to hear a word contrary to the current tide. Then the truth of the word is either proved or the prophet is silenced until he is proven accurate. Eventually the word comes to pass and multitudes come to hear and believe due to the outstanding weight of pressure and evidence moving against them. There are times when the people of God have heard and repented immediately and there are others where it has taken generations for a single truth to permeate the people of God. Every generation has a duty, every generation has an obligation or an evil to combat.

The evil in our land that is and has been taking place for the past few decades is one that surpasses the hideousness of the German Reich. It surpasses the darkness that prevailed in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution where tens of millions were killed or died due to starvation. It is so large and unprecedented that there is little that can be done to comprehend the magnitude of what has taken place on the soil of the most wealthy and “Christian” union of States to have ever existed. Contained in this book is the information, strategy and correction now being spoken from the spirit of the Lord the United States of America. Anytime God brings revelation there is an old understanding within each of us that will be offended on some level due to our passion and desire to serve the Lord based on our past understanding of what God is doing. Current ministries and those of old have made there livelihood off of past revelations which may of been for that time or season and now may have become idols and difficult to distinguish. of their strategy and insight into stopping this battle, whether or not thThis is the hurdle that we must cross over ifthis work is to be received and if we will abolish abortion in our land. We must humble ourselves again and say as our lord said, never the less not my will by yours be done

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