Ekklesia Donations Breakdown

Our Full-Time Ministry Team

Lea & Hannah do a wide range of work for the Ekklesia: communications, discipleship, media, evangelism, public relations, ministry to magistrates, education, serve local body, ministry at the Gates of Hell, graphic design, consulting, & market-place ministry. Not only are they being trained in these areas, through the Ekklesia they operating in all of these skills to serve the Body and advance the Kingdom of of God. Lea & Hannah both have taken a step in faith and trusting in the provision of God to serve the body with the Ekklesia. 

Our Full-Time Gates of Hell Ministry Team

Tina Brown is operating as our lead evangelist at the Gates of Hell in OKC, Southwind Abortion Mill. Tina has been going the Gates of Hell in OKC for the past two years and has seen hundreds give their life to the Lord. While Tina is operating in her gifting of evangelism, Grace Rodriguez has answered the call to step in and help disciple those coming to the Lord. Grace Rodriguez will be working full-time to build relationships with those save and help coordinate them to fellow families in the Body and local churches. 



Tina Brown

Evangelist Outreach


Grace Rodriguez

Discipleship Director


Lea Free

Director of Operations


Hannah Silk

Executive Assistant


We have great news! We now have acquired, with the help of some gracious donors, our new Mobile Unit. We will use this vehicle for outreach at local abortion clinics, college campuses & anywhere people are gathered. The goal is...
   * Intentional Evangelism 
   * Abortion Intervention Ministry
   * Abortion Awareness 
   * Ministry to Magistrates 

We would like to rewrap this unit in order to better help us share the message of hope, love and salvation that comes through Jesus Christ. 

In order to do so, we need to raise $3,800.00 
If you would like to help us with this initiative, you can donate in 3 ways. 


By mail:
The Ekklesia of Oklahoma 
PO Box 68
Guthrie, Ok 72043 

Cash App: One time / Instant Donation 

Website: Reoccurring Donations: