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In the story of Gideon (Judges7:12-20), God used Gideon and 300 obedient men to destroy an entire army in the name of the Lord. With all that we as the Ekklesia of Oklahoma have been called to accomplish throughout the state in regards to cultural & city transformation and the immediate and total abolition of abortion, we realize that we cannot do this without the support of those who are called, obedient to his voice and uncompromising. In order to continue and grow our efforts to change the culture of Oklahoma back to God's original intent, we are needing individuals and families to financially partner with us in this endeavor. We are believing God will bring 300 like minded believers to donate $100 dollars or more monthly in order to fully fund all that is being done here at The Ekklesia of Oklahoma Headquaters. This rolling amount of $30,000 will allow us to: fully pay all current staff and assistants who have been working for free and purchase all media equipment needed to adequately communicate what is happening here in the state of Oklahoma. We are extremely humbled and grateful every time anyone decides to partner with us through financial contribution. We can end this horrible holocaust of abortion in Oklahoma and see our cities and culture transform for the glory of God!! Thank you to all who will prayerfully consider becoming apart of Gideon's 300. We thank God for you, your love for the pre-born and your generosity. 


Daniel Navejas & Kyle Brown

The Ekklesia of Oklahoma