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Senator Warren Hamilton has written a letter to the Governor calling for a Special Session...
Click here to see letter...

Senator Jake Merrick has proposed a vaccine choice bill that we are calling the special session for...
Click here to see legislation...


Senator Hamilton has delivered this letter to the governor with 1000s of emails showing support for this strategy to call a special session to hear legislation that prohibits businesses from forcing experimental vaccine mandates on their employees. This isn’t over. If you have not added your name to this list, please e-mail Senator Hamilton and Governor Kevin Stitt's office at and with your name, the county in which you reside and let them know you are asking Governor Stitt to ​immediately call a special session to protect citizens from mandated vaccines and masks on the citizens of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Legislator will try to tell you that a bill that has been submitted/filed cannot be heard in a special session. The Oklahoma legislator does what they want to do! History shows us that the Senate and House have changed rules to pass legislation in the past, anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you!

Call to action: Email every legislator (all emails located below) to demand that they call a special session and support the language of Senator Merrick's proposed bill that will protect the rights of every Oklahoma citizen.  

We are calling Oklahoma citizens to STAND YOUR GROUND! Do not walk out. We do not want to give employers OR communist/fascist the opportunity to say you voluntarily resigned. Therefore we are asking all employees who choose not to get the vaccine to return to work as normal after deadlines set forth by your employer. Show up and do the best job you can, be the best employee, and represent well your KING, Jesus Christ. Your employer will then be put a position to force you to leave the premises and inform you that you were fired and no longer employed. TO GOD BE ALL THE POWER, GLORY & HONOR!!


If you would like to financially underwrite the efforts of The Ekklesia of Oklahoma click here!

Email the legislators and let your voice be heard!!!

Copy this list of the Oklahoma Legislatures Emails and send an email with your name, the county you reside in, and demanding for them to call a special session for Jake Merrick's Bill to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from the vaccine mandate.

Oklahoma State Senators & House Representatives Emails

Kevin Stitt <>; Greg Treat <>; <>;  <>; Micheal Bergstrom <>; David Bullard <>; <>; Bill Coleman <>; Nathan Dahm <>; Julie Daniels <>; Kim David <>; Tom Dugger <>; <>; Chuck Hall <>; John Haste <>; Carri Hicks <>; Brent Howard <>; Darcy Jech <>; <>; Chris Kidd <>; James Leewright <>; Greg McCortney <>; John Montgomery <>; Casey Murdock <>; Joe Newhouse <>; Lonnie Paxton <>; Roland Pederson <>; Dewayne Pemberton <>; Adam Pugh <>; Marty Quinn <>; Dave Rader <>; <>; Paul Rosino <>; Frank Simpson <>; Rob Standridge <>; Brenda Stanley <>; <>; Zack Taylor-Senate <>; Roger Thompson <>; Darrell Weaver <>; <>; Terry Odonnell <>; Rhonda Baker <>; Steve Bashore <>; Jeff Boatman <>; Brad Boles <>; Ty Burns <>; Carol Bush <>; Chad Caldwell <>; Trey Caldwell <>; Sherrie Conley <>; Rusty Cornwell <>; Denise Crosswhite Hader <>; Bob Culver <>; Dean Davis <>; Eddy Dempsey <>; Sheila Dills <>; Mike Dobrinski <>; Jon Echols <>; Scott Fetgatter <>; Ross Ford <>; Avery Frix <>; Tom Gann <>; Jim Grego <>; David Hardin <>; Tommy Hardin <>; Toni Hasenbeck <>; Kyle Hilbert <>; Brian Hill <>; Justin Humphrey <>; Ronny Johns <>; Chris Kannady <>; Gerrid Kendrix <>; Dell Kerbs <>; Mark Lawson <>; Mark Lepak <>; Dick Lowe <>; Jason Lowe <>; Ken Luttrell <>; Robert Manger <>; Tj Marti <>; Ryan Martinez <>; Stan May <>; Mark McBride <>; Charles McCall <>; <>; Marcus McEntire <>; Nicole Miller <>; Garry Mize <>; Anthony Moore <>; Carl Newton <>; Jadine Nollan <>; Jim Olsen <>; Mike Osburn <>; Daniel Pae <>; Kenton Patzkowsky <>; John Pfeiffer <>; Logan Phillips <>; Randy Randleman <>; Dustin Roberts <>; Eric Roberts <>; Sean Roberts <>; Cynthia Roe <>; Todd Russ <>; Lonnie Sims <>; David Smith <>; Chris Sneed <>; Marilyn Stark <>; Jay Steagall <>; Wendi Stearman <>; Danny Sterling <>; Preston Stinson <>; Judd Strom <>; John Talley <>; Tammy Townley <>; Mark Vancuren <>; Kevin Wallace <>; Josh West <>; Kevin West <>; Rick West <>; Tammy West <>; Max Wolfley <>; Rande Worthen <>; <>

livestream from the 
oklahoma freedom rally at the state capitol 

List of speakers in the video include:
​Daniel Navejas, Ekklesia of Oklahoma Founder
Senator Jake Merrick
Senator Warren Hamilton
Kyle Brown, Logan County GOP Chair
Leslie & Connie, Trump Girls
Jesse Leon Rogers- City Elders
John Bennett- OKGOP Chairman
Jackson Lahmeyer- U.S. Senate Candidate
Brooke McGowen- MAGA Institute
Justin Easley- United We Stand
Dr. Mark Shearwood
Dr. Jim Meehan MD

Paul Blair- United We Stand

It was an incredible rally with 5,500 patriots in attendance!


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