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In the past two years, we have seen & experienced the results of a communist takeover; a global Plandemic, the China Virus lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, businesses and churches deemed non-essential, hundreds of thousands of acres of Oklahoma land bought by owned by foreign Chinese nationals and man engineered poly global crises. 


We believe more than any time in history The Ekklesia aka CHURCH must not cower but boldly address these issues head-on. The Church must be mobilized activated and equipped to provide Kingdom solutions in this urgent time. We are equipping Christian Patriots to transform our cities and SAVE AMERICA !! We believe there is ONLY ONE entity in the entire universe called, anointed, and authorized to confront these tyrants! That is The Ekklesia aka church; redeemed sons and daughters of God! That is YOU! 


Unfortunately, many of the churches in our State and Nation have remained silent on “political issues” due to their fear of man, how it might affect attendance, and the offering. WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO ADDRESS THE EVILS IN OUR DAY.  If you have been looking for a church that is NOT WOKE, politically engaged, and spirit-filled then we invite you to join us as we push back the darkness and release the Kingdom of God over OKC! 


What to expect : 

King University aka Sunday School (9:30AM - 10:30AM):

This is not going to be your typical Sunday school. Historically Sunday school was not started to teach the Bible. Initially, it was created to address one of the issues of the day, illiteracy and basic math. At this time many children helped mom and dad in the fields and coal mines and were not granted the opportunity to learn to read, write and understand basic math. As a result, churches opened their doors before church to provide “ Sunday SCHOOL”. Students young and old were invited to stay for church and experience the love of God and heard the gospel through these Christians which lead to a Christian Revival across the nation. All this to say, we will be offering a plethora of Sunday school options some of which are not “theological” in nature but as we serve and equip our brothers and sisters to thrive, we will no doubt share the gospel and see lives transformed through it. 


    •    Kingdom Business; for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders. 

    •    Kingdom Government & Politics 

    •    Bible School 

    •    Children 

    •    Youth 

    •    College & Career 


Brunch (10:45AM - 11:30AM):

The kingdom of God moves through genuine relationships. This is why we want to provide a time when you and your family can come, fellowship, and build genuine relationships with like-minded believers. We will provide brunch and you are welcome to bring your favorite food item and share :) 


Worship & Ministry (11:30AM - 2:30PM):



    • Our worship gatherings are not meant to be a concert to observe but an opportunity for all of us to come together in unity to lift up and magnify the name of Jesus! We are PRESENCE DRIVEN and desire the move of the Holy Spirit so we are not in a rush to sing two fast, two slow, emotionally hype you up for an offering and “prepare your hearts” for the sermon. Worship is all about God and entering into communion with him. Our worship is prophetic in nature and it will not be out of the ordinary to see hands raised, flags being waved and shofars being blown. We worship God exuberantly with unashamed passion. Oh yeah, we also shout! If it’s ok to shout at a football game, then it is more than ok to celebrate The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. What about the style, the song? It’s all about him. If someone doesn’t like the song, style or you raising your hands OR you sitting quietly, it’s ok. The song wasn’t written for them, and your worship is not for them it’s for God; Father, Son, and Spirit you are free to worship freely as you wish! 


    • Now about that offering, although we recognize it does cost to do all we do, what we do is not for sale nor can it be merchandised so there will be an opportunity for you to give but no pressure, no super spiritual promises, and no manipulation. 

    • ​​Something for you to know, we are not a 501(c)3 institutional church. We pay taxes on every dollar that comes in and do not exchange our God-given right of freedom of speech for a tax write-off! Pshhh “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s”!

    • If you need a tax write-off option we have options for you. Just ask. 

    • You can give in person, online at ( or if you are a business owner you can donate as a CORPORATE SPONSOR and write your donation off dollar for dollar as an advertising expense because we will let everyone in our ministry know, our ministry is made possible by your Christian owned Patriot business. To do so you can donate here (



    • We believe in the fivefold ministry, pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets, and apostles and all of these gifts along with the gifts of the Holy Spirit are always welcome and we make room for them to function. 

    • Our worship and ministry Gathering typically lasts approximately 2 hours but with more people, this may expand. Think family reunion not service. If you need to leave feel free to slip out. Somewhere around the 2-hour mark whoever is leading may dismiss but allow those who wish to continue in prayer and worship to do so as long as they like. 


  • KIDS

    • We desire to be a family church meaning in the main gathering we don’t want to send the kids to day camp. We want the children to be taught by their parents how to worship and enter into what God is doing in a corporate setting. If your child becomes restless or upset, simply take them out of the main sanctuary into any other room until they stretch their legs, run a lap, and chill. Lol, it’s ok they are kids. Kids cry and get upset. We can handle it. Feel free to bring something for them to draw on or a soft toy for them to play with during the gathering. They may not seem like they are paying attention but they are and we want them with us!

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